The Best Cheap Renters Insurance in Texas

There are expensive life belong who live in the Texas. So there renters cost too so high. So saying goes to abnormally they include your renters insurance rates. This one of the city where renters quota higher than all of state in the USA. But one thing buying anything round can often lower your rates.

How much is renters insurance in Texas?

The Best Cheap Renters insurance in Texas

In a year average cost about $197 or about $16 in a month. May be national average cost about $168 in a year.

Monthly Cost Yearly Cost City
$15 $175 Amarillo
$19 $227 Arlington
$14 $172 Austin
$16 $189 Brownsville
$16 $196 Conroe
$19 $228

Corpus Christi

$17 $206


$14 $169


$15 $179

El Paso

$19 $225

Fort Worth

$17 $205


$19 $224

Grand Prairie

$22 $262


$18 $213


$20 $242


$14 $170


$17 $206


$14 $167


$14 $174


$24 $284


$14 $171


$13 $159

Round Rock

$18 $216

San Antonio

$20 $242


$20 $236

Sugar Land

Cheap Renters insurance companies in Texas

Provatnews24 see and find out some cheapest renters insurance companies in the Texas. Provatnews24 try to find out and compare across the state from some of insurance companies to find ones best offer the cheapest in Texas renters insurance company.

Yearly Cost Monthly Cost Insurance Co.
$108 $9 Allstate
$132 $11 The Hartford
$154 $13 Nationwide
$167 $14 Mercury
$176 $15 Guard
$181 $15 Amica
$195 $16 State Farm
$208 $17 Texas Farm Bureau
$210 $17 Republic Group
$241 $20 Texas Fair Plan Association
$242 $20 American Strategic
$250 $21 UPC Insurance
$96 $8 USAA
Note: USAA Only Available Military, Veterans and their families.

About the cheapest Companies

Allstate: An Allstate Renters Policies  growth factor is consider for older tenants, Who’s being stay with Allstate at least 55 Years old and retired. Allstate give you up to 25% discount as its policy. Anyone can save by bundling by their renters insurance policy with Allstate Auto Insurance.

The Hartford: AARP is partners with this company and its offer to renters insurance primarily to older Americans. Its will also waive The Hartford Renters Insurance reducible up to $5,000 for certain major claims worth $27,500.

Nationwide: It’s have standard coverage for protect your personal belongings, Nationwide Renters Insurance also coverage included for expenses due to theft, like its check your unauthorized credit or debit card transection, forged checks .

Mercury: If you have both auto and Mercury renters insurance policy, You could be save more money on your insurance policy. If you live in a rod area, if have to with guard, needed to smoke alarms and a fire extinguisher. This is the one of the best policy for you.

Guard: Guard Renters Insurance policy give you extra policy discounts and give extra coverage service like Home System Protection and Identity Fraud.

Amica: If you bundle your auto insurance policy with Amica Renters Insurance Policy they give you up to 15% discounts. If you sign up automatic payments for your premiums or paperless billing, you will be also pay less.

State Farm: If  you have State Farm Renters Insurance policy you can be extra facilities for $25 in a year. This coverage monitoring your lost data recovery, cyber attacks or identity theft and credit monitoring and other expenses.

Texas Farm Bureau: This is one of the different insurance policy company. If you want Texas Farm Bureau Renters Insurance Policy you must be become a member to get access to its insurance.

Republic Group: Republic Group Renters Insurance Policy can be upgrade and its provide replacement cost coverage, its means if you belongings are destroyed or stolen, Republic Group will pay out get a new replacement. You could add another coverage for valuable items like fine art or jewelry.

Texas Fair Plan Association: The Texas FAIR Plan Association built by Texas government. It’s offering to who’s had been turn down at least two insurance companies and throes not cheapest renters insurance, this is the last option for some tenants.

American Strategic: If you buy American Strategic Progressive Renters Insurance Policy, its may actually issue your policy (Progressive by own).

UPC Insurance: Its have standard coverage for liability, additional expense and personal belongings if you need to stay way from home that time covered repairs.

USAA: Talk about USAA Renters Insurance Policies included flood damage as a part of renters policies. But USAA only active military and veterans and their families can buy USAA Renters Insurance Policy.

Cheap Texas renters find the best companies

If you want a policy who’s not only cheapest also have a strong reputation, You can have look these Insurance Company.

Company Yearly Cost PN24 Rating
Allstate $108 4.0 out of 5.0
The Hartford $132 4.0 out of 5.0
Nationwide $154 4.5 out of 5.0
Amica $181 5.0 out of 5.0
State Farm $195 4.5 out of 5.0
USAA $96 5.0 out of 5.0

Note: USAA is just military, veterans and their families.

What to know about Texas Renters Insurance


Natural activities, as an example , hurricanes and twisters , manifest continuously in Texas. at the off danger that one moves your property, your private home manager’s protection will cowl simply the structure, no harm on your property. it is the reason comprehend what is protected (or no longer) when you buy renters insurance in Texas.

Texas is the one of them where flooding is common disaster. There are does not have standard coverage for renters insurance policies from Department of State Health Service. If you live by near beach, you should be buy separate flood insurance.

One thing when you buy a renters insurance policies make sure and re-check to they have coverage damage due to hurricane and storm wind. If you live in high risk areas near the coast, Who’s can’t find coverage elsewhere this time give you coverage The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

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