The second push of infection across Asia


Coronavirus infections in Asia have begun to rise again after falling to zero. This is considered to be the second push of the infection.Many countries are taking new steps like lockdown to deal with this infection.

Vietnam is one of the countries where Corona has started spreading anew. It is one of the first countries to tackle coronavirus infection. No infection has been detected locally in the country for 100 days. Apart from this, no one has died so far. However, one person was identified in Danang town last Saturday. He was infected locally. Then on Sunday, three more patients were identified. As many as 70,000 people are being evacuated to prevent the spread of the disease. The government said yesterday that most of the evacuees were local tourists. It will take four days to remove them. 100 flights have been arranged to evacuate these 80,000 people. These flights operate to 11 cities in Vietnam. In addition, the highest alert has been issued in the country after the patient was identified on Saturday.

Coronavirus infections are on the rise again in China. The country’s National Health Commission said yesterday that 61 people had been newly infected with the virus, AFP reported. This is the first time since last April that so many infections have been detected. According to the organization, cluster infections have occurred in three regions of China, which is being considered as a new outbreak of the infection. One of these three regions is Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province. There was a sudden infection in the middle of this month. According to the National Health Commission, 56 new cases have been reported in the northwestern province, all of them locally infected. In addition, 14 people were identified last week in the town of Dalian in Liaoning Province. They were also infected locally.
Many countries are taking steps like lockdown to prevent the infection. Some are imposing travel bans. 70,000 people are being evacuated from Danang, Vietnam.
Meanwhile, Hong Kong, China’s semi-autonomous region, has tightened its grip. The use of masks has been made mandatory for public transport use due to the recent rise in new infections. The local government informed yesterday that now you have to use a mask when you go out. The decision is expected to take effect on Wednesday.

Coronavirus infections have surpassed one million in Indonesia. The country’s health ministry said yesterday that more than 1,500 people had been newly infected. The virus has killed 58 new people. About five thousand people died in the country. Meanwhile, experts believe that the exact picture of the infection is not emerging in Indonesia. Because the corona test rate in the country is quite low. At the beginning of this month, an average of 1,200 people was infected daily. But by the end of this month, the rate of infection has risen further. More than 16,000 infections have been detected in the previous nine days since yesterday.

Japan, one of Asia’s strongest economies, has seen an increase in infections, with business leaders urging the government to take “preventive measures” to prevent the spread of the virus. The North Korean government has locked down the border town of Kaesong, where a suspected corona patient has been identified. Papua New Guinea also banned tourists from entering the country yesterday to prevent the spread of the virus.


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